e-business area


Suppliers Reserved Area for Information and access to dedicated e-Business services

Saipem Suppliers

Internal User Area dedicated to Saipem personnel for e-Business services information and access.

Internal users


  • 25.06.2015 - System E-Bus...

We inform you that starting from July the 1st 2015 will be changed the support help desk telephone number. The e-business portal Help desk section will show the new reference number in place of the e... Read the full story

Help Desk

For suppliers:

For any request please refer to SOS Saipem (email: Ebusiness.Helpdesk@saipem.com and Phone number: +390226302111 Monday-Friday 8.30-18.00 / Sunday 9.00-17.00 – CET)

For internal users:

For e-business HelpDesk request, please open a ticket in ITSM FrontRange: http://itsm7.saipemnet.saipem.intranet/SelfService/ (and Phone number: +390226302111).
any clarification about the use of ITSM FrontRange please see the user guide at the link: http://portal.saipem.pri/intranet/af/home.do#-16221.
For problem with ITSM please contact ITSM.FRONTRANGE.SUPPORT@saipem.com.